Votes benefit the wealthy


Who is helping people with their taxes?

Not the Republican legislators. Not U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin nor Sen. Susan Collins, who both said “yes” to the latest Republican tax heist, which gives hefty tax cuts to the wealthy. Not Rep. Russell Black, or Rep. Lance Harvell, or Rep. Tom Skolfield, who all said “no” in 2016 to the Question 2 tax surcharge on the wealthy, which would have restored tax fairness in Maine.

Why are those five Republican legislators voting in ways that benefit the wealthy and shift the tax burden to their constituents and their children?

Shame on their votes.

Victoria Cohen, Farmington

  • RegMainer

    I’m not wealthy. I’ll get about $3K more a year in my paycheck. If Bruce or Susan listened to you, I wouldn’t get anything. Thankfully, they’re smarter than that.

    • Rene Veilleux

      3K? Dream on. You’re much more likely to get about 16.00 more a paycheck and then you, and every other taxpaying American, will get to pay about $5,600 to pay for the Tax Heist for the rich. By 2025, 73% of taxpayers will be paying MORE in taxes. Enjoy your tax cut! Thanks Bruce & Susie!

    • beanboy

      In my book, you;d have to be somewhat wealthy to get that much

    • FrankE

      It has been determined that the man lies upward of 65% of the time. A few days ago it was determined that he has lied 1004 times in his first eight months in office. Yet with all that going against him, people still fall for his line of BS. He says these things because it’s what YOU WANT TO HEAR. It’s the only reason he says these things. A person who lies constantly is due to screw up eventually. After a period of time it becomes impossible for even a straight thinking individual to maintain the lies. With Trumps mental challenges, who knows what he’s saying these days. One thing is for sure, he doesn’t know either. Stop believing the word of a pathological lire, especially one with his mental problems……………

  • FrankE

    Ah RegMainer, you have fallen for the ultimate scam. Yes you may get a few bucks extra per week (est. $18.00), which in time you will not only lose, but end up paying more. I don’t worry to much because once we get some sort of handle on reality, these archaic tax regulations will be fixed. This is a 5.4 Trillion dollar tax bill which adds 1.5 Trillion to the deficit. This bill is entirely aimed at maintaining financial stability and to continue the influx of campaign contributions. Just look at the speed, the secrecy, the behind closed door meeting and the lack of bipartisan debate. Absolutely no public debate or input. This is not how this is normally done. It’s borderline criminal because it affects huge quantities of tax payer dollars. You can take the word of the GOP, but personally, I don’t trust them. I’m poor, I’m totally disabled, I’m also looking ahead to the future, and what they have in store. It’s not a pretty sight. This tax scam is just the beginning…….

    • CruiserSailor

      RegMainer sure sounds like the Roseville, Ca. BS er

      • FrankE

        Yes, ignorance is a very difficult thing to hide. I’ve had the same thoughts about one or two in this forum lately…………….

  • beanboy

    Grand Theft Auto-Matic
    Donald Trump Just Pulled Off the Greatest Long Con in History

    That’s because the con just pulled off by Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and very nearly every Republican on Capitol Hill would have every great fraudster in American history from Ponzi to that tubby guy behind the Backstreet Boys marveling at its scope, boldness, and brazen criminality.

    Their con was, as they say in show biz, “sampled” from other scammers. These have included everything from the bait-and-switch (promise a “middle-class tax cut” on the campaign trail and deliver one for the rich and powerful) to the long con (play on the weaknesses of the sucker, take him through the twists and turns of meaningless distractions that go nowhere, then grab his cash). Another Madoff favorite that was regularly used was “cooking the books.” Estimates of benefits to the middle class were overstated, while the impact on the deficit was understated dramatically

    There is a bitter irony in all this, course. While Trump was on the campaign trail stirring up the fears and anger of a white male base against brown people, black people, immigrants, and women, he was colluding… yes, colluding… with the richest and most powerful white men to hurt these guys like no “other” could. With McConnell and Ryan and their merry band of thieves they engineered a massive wealth transfer with their tax heist that will shift billions to the richest Americans and pay for it with cutting programs and limiting comparable benefits to the poor. Trump, who railed against Wall Street, protected their carried interest. Trump, who said the bill will hurt him, gave a billion-dollar gift to his kids through the estate tax and millions more to them by inserting a special package of benefits for real estate firms like his.