*Their votes


Along with asking local legislators about their impact in the Legislature this session, we checked out their votes on several issues. The voting information provided with each lawmaker’s profile is from the final roll call vote taken on each issue. A lawmaker may have voted differently on earlier versions of the same issue.

The budget: The final vote to enact the $6.3 billion biennial budget, which passed 112 to 29 in the House and 28 to 7 in the Senate. The budget included the school district consolidation plan.

Tax reform: The failed effort to set a flat income tax rate of 6 percent, with tax credits for those in low-income brackets, in exchange for expanding the state sales tax to goods and services now not taxed. The measure initially passed in the House 80 to 59, but the Senate later voted 26 to 9 to kill the bill.

Bear trapping: The Legislature decided to keep bear trapping legal this session, with the House voting 82 to 60 to reject a bill banning it. There was no roll call vote in the Senate, so the profiles of area senators include no information on this issue.

Washington County slots and track: The Legislature voted to allow slot machines at a Washington County tribal commercial track with a 82-to-60 vote in the House and a 22-to-12 vote in the Senate. The governor vetoed its passage, however, and the House failed to override the veto.

Seat belts: The Legislature approved a bill to make failure to wear a seat belt a primary offense, with a 76-to-61 vote in the House and a 19-to-15 vote in the Senate.

Term limits: The Legislature approved a bill to increase the number of consecutive two-year terms a state lawmaker can serve from four terms to six, with a 75-to-57 vote in the House and a 26-to-9 vote in the Senate. The issue will now go to a statewide public referendum.