W. Paris garage accident kills man


WEST PARIS – A man was killed Thursday when a car he was working on fell on him, a state trooper said.

Roger Moberg, 57, was working on a Ford Taurus in his garage at 15 Curtis Hill Road when the floor jack either slipped or was deficient, causing the vehicle to crush Moberg. A medical examiner at the scene told police he thought the man died instantly.

Maine State Trooper Kyle Tilsley said Moberg’s two children were home at the time.

They told police they had last seen their father at 9:30 Thursday morning. When his son went to check on his father around 1 p.m., he discovered the accident.

The garage door was closed.

Moberg was under the chassis by the driver’s side door, and the front right tire had been removed. The five-ton jack he was using was propping up the car on the driver’s side.

Tilsley said when he tried the jack later, it seemed to be working, and that it was possible the gadget was propped up in a precarious position.

To better secure a vehicle, people should use a floor jack and jack stand, the trooper said.