A wall of silence?


Knowing that many Lewiston-Auburn and Portland residents were planning to attend the “Walk for Life” in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 22, I watched cable coverage of the event.

Frankly, I expected to see a hundred or so walkers participating. I was stunned to see not hundreds, but many thousands, of walkers of all ages, including a large percentage of young men and women. It was a very peaceful demonstration and a truly imposing sight. There were, of course, several speakers of all walks of life, including some men now serving in Congress and, over a loud speaker, a spoken message from President Bush.

Considering the vast number of people involved, and the locale of this event, I expected to see coverage on the evening TV news, but not a word. Nor was there any television coverage the next morning. With the many Lewiston-Auburn and Portland residents particpating in that walk, I definitely expected to see news of the event in the Sun Journal on Jan. 23. I scoured the pages. Again, nothing!

The complete lack of any news coverage of that event causes me to wonder why. Are the media now enforcing a “wall of silence” regarding any “Right to Life” coverage? And, if so, why?

Ellen Larock, Auburn