I want American kids home


Every time I write about the war in Iraq I feel as if I’m spitting into the wind, but if folks keep on spitting, as did protesters during the Vietnam War, perhaps we’ll get the attention of our elected leaders (even after they have been elected).

Recently, our state flag was again at half-staff, as it was a while ago in honor of Sgt. Corey Dan from here in Norway. Now a young soldier from Patten is coming home to a grieving town in Maine.

I have the backbone to speak out against this stupid, unfounded, miscalculated, unjustified and profoundly unpopular war, and the majority of this country agrees, yet it continues. What is going on? Are we being led on by a madman, screaming that God is on his side? That is exactly what the Shiites and Sunnis are saying, and look where they are – civil war. There have been elections and the country is still in turmoil.

President Bush has demolished our faith in federal government. In fact, as I write this, he is working on a way to cover up the fact that one of his appointed FEMA deputy directors has been accused of trying to solicit sex from a 14-year-old while working on our tax payroll dollars.

I recently turned 59. I served 30 months in Vietnam, am self-employed and looking forward to retirement. I want our kids home, defending the homeland, not off on some idiot’s pipedream of eternal greatness.

Al Pelletier, Norway