Wanted: Mounted moose head for theater


MONMOUTH — The Theater at Monmouth is in need of a mounted moose head for its production of “Room Service.” It will be used as part of the set for about 10 weeks, from mid-June to late August.

If anyone would like to help, call David Greenham at 933-2952 or email him at [email protected] If possible, attach a photo of the moose head with an email message.

“Room Service” is a humorous farce by Allen Boretz and John Murray, running in repertory from July 14 to Aug. 20. Opening night is July 15 at 7:30 p.m.

The production features a group of actors struggling to produce what they believe to be a hit play before a gaggle of creditors close in and shut them down. The resulting 1937 Broadway version of “Room Service” inspired the popular Marx Brothers film.