Been in Washington too long


Jobs are essential. Massive job losses in Maine and the United States are being driven away by huge taxes and unreasonable regulations.

The country is broke. Welfare needs reform now, before it’s too late. Citizens need to stop the government takeover of their lives by voting out the failed incumbents and putting in new representation with some common sense.

Voters should send Paul LePage to Augusta to create a less-taxed and less-regulated state, attracting big and small businesses, making Maine the best place to work and live.

Mike Michaud has been a rubber stamp for the radical ideas of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Obama. He’s been in Washington so long that he thinks he owns the position.

Jason Levesque should go to Washington and help stop the radical spending, and give control of the government back to the legal citizens of the United States.

Hal and Ellen Cleaves, East Andover