Wasteful government spending


I feel compelled to write about the wasteful spending on the Russell Street reconstruction. Last fall, I could agree with the widening of the street to create a center turning lane for traffic making left turns onto various side streets along such a busy street.

Now that spring has arrived, I’m appalled that Russell Street is being torn up in order to lay down a maze of granite curbing down the center. Maybe city officials are trying to use up that stimulus money before it is lost.

One has to question the rationale behind it. It would have cost significantly less to designate a center turning lane with the use of painted lines and arrows rather than expensive granite curbing. Main and Lisbon streets in Lewiston do not have stone to separate lanes, nor does Center Street in Auburn.

The granite serves no purpose and is a waste of taxpayer money. Now there will be snow banks down the center of Russell Street for water to melt off, re-freeze, and cause icy road conditions. The labyrinth of granite obstacles is sure to damage taxpayer-maintained snow-removal equipment, and this curbing could potentially become dangerous takeoff ramps for vehicles to become airborne into oncoming traffic during slippery conditions.

Wouldn’t it have made more sense to use the money to finish the full length of Russell Street down to Sabattus Street?

I wonder if trees will be planted down the center if there is any money left.

Michael Morin, Lewiston