Watching my brother’s climb


I’m writing with regard to the story May 3 about the two men seeking to climb to the summit of Mount Everest.

John Bagnulo, who is one of those attempting the summit, is my brother. The story does not explain his background, by no fault of anyone.

John has been climbing since he was old enough to climb. He is very experienced, having already completed climbs of Mount McKinley and K-2, as well as several other expeditions, all without use of oxygen. He is well-trained and has already gone ahead of the rest of the group by himself in a blizzard because of his experience. Others dared not, but because of his experience, he knows his areas of strength and weakness.

He has mentioned that after seeing the pollution, waste and trash on the mountain, it is important to him to make as little impact as possible. He believes that if it is meant for him to make the climb, he should do it without the help of others or artificial means to do so, not because he is trying to be “cheap.”

I have never appreciated my brother’s endeavors as much as I do now, and stand by him 100 percent with his way of thinking.

Trish Cleere, Leeds