Water, sewer double billing a mistake


LEWISTON — A printing error made by a city subcontractor will mean 880 residents will get two water and sewer bills this week.

Public Services Director David Jones said the second bill should be ignored and discarded.

“We deeply regret that many of our customers received double billing,” Jones wrote in a statement. “Since the error was not internal, residents may be assured that their respective accounts reflect only one charge.”

The city contracts with Creative Imaging to collate and distribute its quarterly water and sewer bills. They are mailed out in groups, one week at a time.

A subcontractor hired by Creative Imaging accidentally printed two copies of the bills and stamped and mailed all of them. Jones said the city is not being charged for printing or postage costs for the double printing.

“From what we understand, Creative Imaging is looking for a new subcontractor because of this,” Jones said.

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