Watershed survey being planned


WATERFORD – Lakes Environmental Association and the McWain Pond Association will survey the McWain Pond watershed for erosion.

Volunteer training and field work begins Saturday, April 29 at the Waterford town office, 366 Valley Road, starting at 9 a.m.

LEA received a grant to conduct the watershed survey, which is a cooperative effort.

A watershed is all the land that drains to a lake by tributary brooks, seeps, springs, road ditches and ground water recharge. McWain Pond’s surface area is 445 acres, and its watershed sprawls across 2,505 acres.

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection put McWain Pond on its list of watersheds most at risk from “nonpoint source pollution” or erosion. Long-term water testing on the pond indicates that bottom waters of the lake experience oxygen depletion that limits fishery habitat, and that poses a high risk of phosphorus recycling from bottom sediments.

By identifying erosion sources, the community can work to minimize phosphorus-carrying erosion.

Project partners include Lakes Environmental Association, McWain Pond Association, Waterford, Birch Rock Camp, Camp Waziyatah, Portland Water District and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.