A. Watson: Cultivates the middle ground


Gridlock is poisonous. It is quite literally the cause of paralysis within the federal government and it has been forced upon the public as a result of bombastic partisans digging their heels so deeply into a political position that compromise becomes an impossibility.

The nation desperately needs a strong U.S. senator who is rooted in reason and a champion of compromise.

Enter Susan Collins. She continues to cultivate a legacy of not only finding the middle ground, but creating it, and then wrestling the turbulent, political back-and-forth until a solution is achieved. That’s no easy feat. Case in point: the government shutdown.

In lieu of such a stark legacy trumpeting her moderate voting record, I can’t see how any realistic senatorial candidate could lay merit to the off-kilter claim that she votes with Republicans too much.

Moderate pull in the U.S. Senate has serious, practical ramifications that is sorely needed.

Andrew Watson, Auburn