Web site gets funding needed to stay online


Sorry, Mr. I-just-snatched-62-bottles-of-baby-formula and Ms. I-used-a-stolen-credit-card-at-CVS.

Mainemostwanted.com is staying online.

The police Web site devoted to Maine’s unsolved crimes has gotten a donation to keep it afloat another year.

A week after she described it as running on fumes, webmaster and Brunswick police crime analyst Wendy Kierstead said Maine Community Bank Association and Maine Bankers have offered the bulk of the money to keep the $1,200 site running.

Mainemostwanted.com has, probably not coincidentally, featured a number of bank robbers.

“Once again, the good guy wins,” Kierstead said Friday.

Since February 2004, the site has profiled 146 criminals. The offenses, mostly felonies, range from stealing a police radio and messing with the airwaves to lighting cars on fire. Next to each mug shot, composite sketch or surveillance photo, visitors are given crime details and invited to e-mail tips.

Kierstead has gotten 10 tips this week.

One suggested a suspect has either been arrested for, or is wanted for, a murder on the West Coast. She passed that right along.

In another, a tipster, after suggesting a street and city address to find a scofflaw, wrote: “he is my daughter’s biological father and I want to see him in jail. I’d rather see him dead, but jail will do.”

That tip was pretty good, Kierstead said.

Using non-Web detective work, police might also have a lead on the name of a woman who’s alleged to have pulled off a strange purse snatching at Gritty’s back in February. The woman casually left the pub with another person’s purse, then brought it to an Auburn grocery store minutes later, claiming she’d found it in the parking lot. A nice deed, except the money was missing.

It turns out this same woman, with an arrest record in Texas, may have a history of this sort of crime, Kierstead said. “There’s still an attitude out there a criminal should look like a criminal. That woman in Gritty’s didn’t.”