Weld Town Hall makes historic register


WELD – The Weld Town Hall has been entered in the National Register of Historic Places, according to Earle G. Shettleworth Jr., director of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, whose staff prepared the nomination. The designation indicates that the property has been documented, evaluated and considered worthy of preservation and protection as part of the nation’s cultural heritage. Since its construction, the Weld Town Hall has been at the center of community affairs. Countless votes, concerts, dinners and movies, plays and ceremonies have occurred within its four walls and two floors. Erected by the Weld Masonic Lodge between 1922 and 1926, the hall has been owned by the town of Weld since 1940. The Weld Town Hall continues to function as a Masonic meeting facility as well as serving the residents of the town as a meeting hall, performance space and athletic venue.

The hall was listed in the National Register of Historic Places at the local level of significance under Criterion A for its use as a public hall from 1922 through the present and for its association with Weld’s town governmental functions since 1925.