We'll all be volunteers!


I heartily encourage citizens of Paris to support the select board in their effort to totally “reorganize” the fire department and go all-volunteer by insisting that the board adopt a plan citizens of Scotland have for their highlands.

In those areas of Scotland, few home, farms and businesses exist. But never mind that. Here’s how their plan works. Along the side of roads large brooms are stationed. If you pass by and see a fire burning in a moor or a field of heather, your responsibility is to get out of your car and totally smash and smother that fire with the broom. Talk about raising volunteers.

Paris residents could storm the next board meeting and insist the board buy brooms and place them every 100 to 200 feet along the roads, depending on what the town can afford. That way, when residents pass a neighbor’s burning home, farm, business or woodland, they can stop and put that fire out right then and there. Residents could also personally thank those board and budget committee members who want to demolish the fire department for keeping people safe.

And while townsfolk are at it, they can just keep going by demolishing the town government all together — the road department, town office, and don’t forget the police department. Think what money the town could save. Of course, the state will come in then and take over the town. But never mind that now. Right now, we have brooms to buy

Jean Smart, South Paris