Well-rounded education


As a student at Livermore Falls High School, I am quite concerned. After the Maine Department of Education released a report on the 10 lowest-achieving schools in the state, many of the students and staff at our high school were devastated. Our school was attacked at its roots.

Education officials labeled the students at Livermore Falls High School as “low aspiring.” Why would education officials use such a term?

Students at Livermore Falls High School are all unique and each is special in his own way.

I firmly believe Livermore Falls High School provides its students with a strong, well-rounded education. If the state and federal government are most concerned with SAT test results, maybe Livermore Falls needs to abandon giving its students the well-rounded education that provided previous graduates the skills needed to excel in the work force, in the military and at college and, instead, teach only the material being tested.

Does the Maine Department of Education realize that for the three years that I have attended high school, RSU 36 has had a different superintendent of schools each year? Next year will be no different.

Many of the students at LFHS serve as reading and math tutors at the elementary and middle schools. Students also participate in fine arts programs, countless community service projects, and athletics. I invite the Sun Journal to visit our high school to spend time with our students, and then consider publishing an article that accurately depicts our students.

Mike Anctil, Livermore