Westchester ‘RoccerMom’ pleads guilty


WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) – A suburban woman known on MySpace as “RoccerMom” confessed through tears Friday that she was driving drunk after a night of clubbing with teenagers and caused a car crash that killed her daughter’s friend.

Ann Marie Ciarcia, 47, of Yorktown Heights, pleaded guilty in Westchester County Court to second-degree manslaughter, second-degree vehicular assault and driving while intoxicated.

She sobbed at the first mention of Emily Cornish, the dead 16-year-old, when Judge Robert DiBella said Cornish died “as a result of your intoxication.”

Ciarcia admitted that her blood alcohol level was at 0.15 percent, nearly twice the legal limit, when she drove the wrong way on the Saw Mill Parkway in the early morning of Sept. 18 and slammed into another car.

The driver of that car, Ed Cook, 49, of Yorktown, was seriously injured and Cornish, who was in the back seat of Ciarcia’s car, was killed.

Ciarcia, her 15-year-old daughter Alexa and Cornish were returning home after a night at the Continental Club in Manhattan. Ciarcia had a MySpace page on which she called herself “RoccerMom” and listed nightclubbing among her interests.

The guilty plea was part of an agreement under which Ciarcia will be sentenced to no more than two to six years in prison.

The judge said he might give her less when he sentences her on March 23. The maximum sentence is five to 15 years, and prosecutor Christine O’Connor asked that the sentence be at least above the minimum, which is one to three years.

“Any sentence less would be over our objection,” she said.

She was allowed to remain free on $75,000 bail. Ciarcia, distraught and clutching a handkerchief, and her husband, Daniel, looking stoic, left court without talking to reporters.

Defense attorney Marvin Raskin said Ciarcia is undergoing treatment for alcoholism and has been in some form of contact with the victims’ families.

“This is a tragedy that has befallen three families,” he said.

Raskin said the prospect of prison time is frightening for “a 47-year-old woman with no contact whatsoever with the criminal justice system” and with four children ages 3 to 16.