What You Need To Know

Waterford Board of Selectmen
Nov. 13, 2017
Waterford Town Office
Road Crew
What happened: Town officials have been looking to hire a seasonal employee for snowplowing. Though the position has been advertised for nearly a month, there has yet to be an individual who wants the job. 
What it means: Road Commissioner Brad Grover said 20 years ago, many of the larger trucking and paving operations would go through seasonal layoffs and many skilled operators with a commercial driver’s license were available and competing for relatively steady town jobs. Now, many of these same companies are keeping their operators on throughout the year. He also said there are fewer and fewer young people (early 20s) who are interested in getting into this type of work, and fewer yet who have a CDL or experience operating a large truck and plow. The state highway department positions are more sought after because of the mandatory shift length and the lack or dirt roads and intersections to contend with versus town roads. 
What’s next: Selectmen John Bell and Randy Lessard discussed the options and ways to make the position more attractive. The potential of making the position on-call for snowstorms was considered. 
Those interested in the position may contact the Town Office.