What You Need to Know: Buckfield Board of Selectmen


Ethan Wright leads carolers from Buckfield High School during the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony Tuesday night in front of the Buckfield Municipal Center. (Erin Place/Sun Journal)

Buckfield Board of Selectmen

Dec. 4, 2018

Buckfield Municipal Building


Formal complaint

What happened: Town Manager Joe Roach said he and the board received a complaint about fire hydrants not being cleared, which has since been rectified.

What it means: The Dec. 4 complaint came from resident Matthew Whitney about inaccessible fire hydrants that were covered in snow. Roach had a meeting with Fire Chief Tim Brooks and Buckfield Village Corp. officials about clearing the hydrants. “We had a good conversation,” Roach said. “By the end of the day today, everything was safe and ready to use.”

What’s next: Roach will follow up with Whitney about other issues raised in the complaint, including that the Buckfield Village Corp. breached its contract with the town regarding the rental of the fire hydrants by failing to maintain them and keep access to them.


What happened: Rescue Chief Floyd “Chip” Richardson told selectmen Tri-Town Rescue’s board voted to donate its ambulance to the Buckfield Rescue Association.

What it means: Tri-Town Rescue went out of business earlier this year and Buckfield Rescue is now covering the entire town of Sumner. The Buckfield Rescue Association’s goal is to donate the ambulance to the town and stage it somewhere in Sumner in the future.

What’s next: Richardson and Roach will bring a proposal about the donation to selectmen for their review at a later date.

Marijuana public hearing

What happened: Selectmen scheduled a public hearing on the town’s moratorium ordinance on retail marijuana establishments before the board’s next meeting.

What it means: The public hearing is set for 5 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 18, before the regularly scheduled selectmen’s meeting at the Municipal Center, 34 Turner St. The moratorium expires Sunday, Dec. 30. The state’s new recreational and medical marijuana statute takes effect Thursday, Dec. 13. 

What’s next: Roach said he will look into whether the moratorium will allow current medical growers to continue to operate in Buckfield.

The annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony was held in the gazebo in front of the Buckfield Municipal Center before the selectmen’s meeting Tuesday night. (Erin Place/Sun Journal)