Who pays for Medicaid expansion?


I write this in response to the Sun Journal front page article “Expanding Medicaid a hot issue” (Nov. 3).

Anyone reading that article might want to step into a restroom and, when reading the second paragraph where it is stated that the federal government will be paying for 90 percent of the tab, stop for a minute and look into the mirror. You will see who the federal government is, who will be paying for that 90 percent of the tab.

That is right — it is you if you are a tax-paying member of this society.

Why do members of the press have to spin it to sound like people are getting free money?


So, not only is the public paying for the supposed state share of $54 million, the taxpaying public is also paying for the federal government’s share of $525 million, for a total of $579 million. Do hard-working taxpayers really have that to spend?

It is no wonder why the federal government is $21 trillion in debt.

Those who took my advice and are in a restroom looking into a mirror might need a nearby seat to ponder the situation.

Donald Dubuc, Minot

  • FrankE

    OK I’ll bite. Who should be paying for healthcare in this state? However you look at things. taxpayers are responsible for paying for health care. I have no problem with that. It needs to be paid for. I just can’t bear the thought that my daughter or son in law or my close friends may die as a result of not being as wealthy as our well to do tax paying neighbors. We need to look at the big picture, and not just focus on the dollar amount. Healthcare should be a right in this country, not a privilege for those who can afford it. I can’t afford health insurance, by no fault of my own, I also happen to have a serious medical condition. I was 40 years old when I got sick, I won’t reach retirement age until the year 2023. I’m fortunate in that I have Medicare and SSDI for help. These are a result of hard work my whole life. The system in this country is so screwed up that even with insurance your still not out of the woods financially. What I get for benefits from Social Security isn’t enough for the co pays and extra fees associated with medical treatment. so even with Medicare, I’m still looking at bankruptcy in the near future. If it’s this bad for me I couldn’t imagine someone with no insurance at all. I don’t think Medicaid for seventy thousand low income residents is to much to ask for. I don’t think Medicaid for everyone is to much to ask for. It needs to happen and it needs to happen soon. In this great country, not a single person should have to die because of their financial status. It’s time we all work together for everyone…………….

  • Jon Mennealy

    Do you think if Maine says no, thanks, that Washington will say, “OK, then, Maine, you all get $1,500 in tax breaks on your federal taxes.”? No. That money will just be given to another state. If you can get every state to start refusing federal money, I’ll go along with you. Until that time, we should take our share and whatever else is Washington offers.

  • centeright

    You’re absolutely right Don. Most of these low information voters don’t even realize there is such a thing as national debt. Why worry if you are not the one paying.

  • Melinda

    FrankE, you have SSDI?? Good for you, I don’t begrudge you that because as a hard working person you paid in to it and you deserve to get it. What irks me is that any refugee coming here who applies for it automatically gets it while folk like you and I who have worked hard and paid in have to fight and scrape to get it. We’re automatically denied it and must apply at least three times before it’s granted to us. Why should the immigrants who have never paid in be automatically granted something they have never paid into? As to healthcare, well, hopefully the medicare expansion will help people who need it. Heaven only knows that health insurance through the ACA is NOT affordable. Which leads me to another question. Why is it that health insurance costs so much more in Maine than it does in New Hampshire? Seriously, my husband is paying twice as much for coverage as he’d have to pay if we lived in New Hampshire.

    • FrankE

      Melinda, perhaps you would be doing yourself a favor and learn the difference between Medicare Medicaid SSDI SSI. and who gets what and when they get it. The anger in this state and country has so many people up in arms that few have taken the time to differentiate the many different services available, and exactly what is covered.
      I can guarantee you that no immigrant ever came into this country and immediatly received SSDI or Medicare. No one who hasn’t worked the proper amount of time and paid into the system ever gets covered just because they ask for it.
      I’m 55 years old and am completely disabled Yet my SSDI eliminates my ability to receive state benefits such as Food stamps or Medicaid. which would go a long way to helping me pay for my medical situation.
      The reason your husbands insurance was so much cheaper in New Hampshire was because the NH Governor decided to go along with the ACA rule changes and expanded medicaid. Along with federal subsidies that Maine has completely missed out on, have contributed to lower fees.
      Ask yourself why every other civilized country in the world has much better health insurance at half the cost of the US. Prescription costs in every other country are far cheaper. The answer is simple, political strong arming. Universal healthcare limits the money to be made by career politicians as well as medical executives. Take the money out of politics and universalize health insurance and we all make out better unless your a big Pharma executive or Republican Senator………….