Will pay more in taxes


I urge the public to vote “yes” on June 8 to repeal LD 1495, the tax reform bill, and it doesn’t matter what party is supported.

State officials are trying to fool us again by making us think they will lower our state income tax. But while they are putting money in one pocket, they are taking twice as much out of another pocket.

If that bill isn’t repealed, we will be paying sale tax or service tax for more than 100 items. Have your car repaired — pay a service tax; buy a candy bar — add more sales tax.

Tax and more tax.

We were told by our representative that tourists would pay for most of those taxes. Excuse me, but we, the residents of this state, also use those services and products, and we also pay the taxes. If the tourists get tired of paying all those taxes, they will go some where else. We are discouraging them from coming to Maine.

If the bill is allowed to pass, we will not be able to deduct our mortgage interest or medical deduction on our state taxes. That is fine for those who do not have a mortgage or who are on welfare, but the rest of us will have to pick up after them.

I urge all voters to go out on June 8 and vote yes, against this bill.

Bernice Fraser, Minot