Wilton man pleads not guilty in child sex case


FARMINGTON — A Wilton man pleaded not guilty Friday to sexually assaulting a child over a three-year period.

Justin A. Rowe, 29, pleaded not guilty to four counts of gross sexual assault and three counts of unlawful contact in Franklin County Superior Court.

Assistant District Attorney James Andrews informed Justice Michaela Murphy that on Tuesday, the day before the victim was to testify before a grand jury, Rowe drove back and forth in front of the victim’s residence, honking his horn.

“It was intended to be harassment to the victim,” he said.

Wilton police arrested him on a charge of violation of condition of release in connection with the incident, Andrews said.

In addition to the $1,000 bail already set, Andrews asked for another $1,000 for the violation. He also asked the court to bar Rowe from going within one mile of the victim’s house.

Defense attorney Kevin Joyce said it’s difficult for Rowe not to go by the house because his parents live near it.

“I don’t care if it’s a mile or a quarter of a mile. It’s hard to enforce,” Murphy said.

Murphy set bail at an additional $1,000 worth of property and ordered Rowe not to go within a quarter-mile of the victim’s residence.

Rowe was taken to jail.

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