Wilton man recognized as dispatcher of the year in Farmington


FARMINGTON – Tom Marble of Wilton was recognized Tuesday as the 2013 Dispatcher of the Year for Franklin County at a county commissioners meeting.

Communications Center Director Stan Wheeler said Marble goes above and beyond what he is asked to do as a dispatcher.

Marble has worked for Franklin County dispatch for more than 10 years. Prior to Wheeler being appointed communications director, the two were dispatching partners.

Marble has a great knowledge of Franklin County, Wheeler said. He has been known to direct an ambulance crew to a house by pointing out how many houses it is down on a street and what color the house is, Wheeler said.

“He is well deserving of this recognition,” he said.

In another personnel matter, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Robbins recommended legal secretary Mary Hastings of Farmington in the District Attorney’s Office to become full time. She has completed the six-month probationary period, he said.

“We are very happy with Mary Hastings and the work she is doing,” Robbins said.

Her experience as a police officer is beneficial to her work.

“She is exceeding all of our expectations,” he said.

Robbins said Hastings has already exceeded the work ability of predecessors because of her work as a police officer and being a quick learner.

“She is able to perform her work at a higher level,” he said.

Commissioners voted to make Hastings a full-time employee and to increase her hourly wage from $15.58 to $16.83, which is a level three pay grade.

In other business, commissioners voted to spend $5,314 from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department Reserve Account to help pay for several items at the new Communications Center Building. Prior to the vote there was $13,485 in the reserve.

The total cost of critical items that need to be done before dispatchers move in is $16,650. The remaining $11,336 will be taken out of the bond used to build the new center. The center is across from the Sheriff’s Department on County Way where dispatching is currently done.

Among the needs the money will cover are installing an uninterrupted power supply for the whole building and relocating the telephone system and computers to the new building.

Commissioners also voted to spend $6,000 for a new system to record all radio and phone traffic for the center. A Homeland Security grant has been approved for the amount but the project needs to be completed in order to receive reimbursement, Wheeler said.

Noncritical needs that can be addressed in the new budget total $22,700. Those include a security camera system for the new building so dispatchers can monitor the outside of the building at a cost of $16,000. The Sheriff’s Department office has a security system. Dispatchers will also monitor the Farmington Police Department’s building with the equipment provided by Farmington.

Another issue with the new center is snow falling off the roof at the front of the building onto the walkway, Wheeler said. Snow guards will be added to prevent that.

Wheeler also wants to replace the carpet at the back entrance of the new center with vinyl flooring. Dispatchers will enter the building there. Wheeler said he plans to create a “slipper rule” or inside shoe rule so that boots and shoes will be taken off in the entrance and no mud or snow will be tracked into where the computers are and dispatching is done.

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