There are four different seasons, and winter happens to be my favorite. There are so many activities to do. Don’t sit inside just because it is cold out. Put on some warm clothes and go build a snowman. Some of the things that I like to do in the winter are snowmobiling, ice racing, and ice skating.

Snowmobiling is more of a family thing for me. That is why I am so into it. Everyone in my family loves snowmobiling. We put on our helmets and just go. Even if we are going around in circles we are having a blast.

Ice racing is another thing that most of my family does. We work on our ice racers all autumn long. Putting bolts on tires for traction, making sure it runs right, and painting. Once the lake is frozen we hook up the cars onto the trailers and race them on the ice. Yes, it sounds dangerous, but you need to take risks in life.

Ice skating is something that everyone should at least try. You may fall a lot but it is funny when you fall, well unless you get hurt pretty badly. Just put on your ice skates and find a safe place to go. Take your friends, family, aunts, uncles, anyone! I am sure that they will have a blast if they are unable to skate it is still fun to watch other people try it!

So this is why winter is my favorite season. It may be cold and you can’t just throw on your shoes and go outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a couch potato all winter long. Go play and have fun!