Winthrop no-kill cat shelter gets donation for new addition


WINTHROP — The PALS No-Kill Cat Shelter has announced a major new addition to its facility on Case Road.

PALS is adding a new garage and storage building as well as new spaces for an updated catio, maternity wing, kitten room, senior cat room and a surgical/veterinary care room.

Dr. Robert Martin of New Sharon is funding the project in memory of his wife of 61 years, Shirley, and their two 17-year-old cats, Sweetie and Pookie.

Shirley was a dedicated animal lover and Martin has designed a plaque and bench honoring Shirley, which will be displayed once the new addition has been completed.

The project was designed by Randy Butler, P.E. of Dirigo Engineering, Fairfield and the construction, which will begin in mid-September, will be done by Don Cornelio of Old School Builders. A ground-breaking ceremony will be scheduled.

PALS takes in stray, abandoned and surrendered cats and kittens, provides them with needed medical care and vaccinations, including spay or neuter surgery, and makes them available for adoption. The cost of medical care, as well as housing and feeding, is included in the adoption fee. PALS takes in around 200 cats each year and finds homes for approximately the same number.

Since PALS does not receive any government funding, it is able to take in cats from anyone who needs assistance. All funding comes from adoption fees and donations from supporters.

Those wishing may send donations to PALS No-Kill Shelter, 188 Case Road, Winthrop, ME 04364 or through PayPal at the email address, [email protected]

Members of the PALS Board are, from left, Brenda Poulin, Diane Schader, Scott Adams, Mark King, Paul Lariviere, Theresa Silsby, Dr. Jennie Marvelle, Ginny Baghdoyan, Martha White and Lynda Pratt.