Wiring blamed in Turner fire


TURNER — State fire investigators blamed short-circuited wiring for a blaze that damaged a Mancine Road home Tuesday afternoon.

Fire burned a hole through the living room ceiling and floor, directly beneath, near a wood stove in the 1 ½-story cape home, listed to Brent Barker, fire Chief Mike Arsenault said. When firefighters arrived at the home shortly after 2 p.m., it was filled with smoke, Arsenault said.

No one was at home when the fire started, he said.

The wife of the couple that own the home ran across the street and called 911 from a neighbor’s house when she came home and noticed the smoke, Arsenault said.

He said he called the Office of the State Fire Marshall to investigate the cause of the fire and the area where it started. An investigator from the office pinpointed the cause of the fire, tracing it to wiring in the ceiling of the living room where an apparent short-circuit either sent sparks into a barrel of newspapers on the floor below or began burning in the ceiling, then dropped embers into the barrel.

The barrel caught fire and burned a hole through the floor, Arsenault said.