Witnesses rescue crash victim


RUMFORD — A woman injured in a Friday night crash could have ended up trapped in her vehicle for hours if not for two men who saw the accident and helped, Rumford police said Saturday.

At 11:09 p.m. Friday Laura Waugh, 28, of Norway, was driving alone on Route 2 when an animal ran in front of her car just west of McDonald’s, Sgt. David Bean said.

Witnesses could not tell what kind of animal crossed her path, Bean said. “But we’ve had calls about a moose in that area.”

Waugh swerved, lost control of her car, veered to the opposite side of the road, struck a guard rail and went airborne, Bean said.

Waugh’s Mustang crashed down a steep embankment, stopping on its side in a soggy bog.

“Two young men saw it,” Bean said. “They stopped and called 911 immediately.” The two men were Justin Chambers, 19, and Ryan Seekins, 20, both of Bucksport, police said.  Chambers and Seekins scrambled down the embankment and saw the Mustang in several feet of water.


“A battery had come out of the vehicle,” Bean said. “They used that to smash out a window. They got inside and pulled Miss Waugh out.”

Waugh was bruised but conscious. “She was disoriented. She couldn’t tell us what happened,” Bean said.

Emergency crews arrived and took her to Rumford Hospital, where she was treated and released, police said. Waugh was wearing a seat belt and her airbag deployed.

Chambers and Seekins did a great job, Bean said. If they hadn’t been there to help, “there’s no telling how long that lady could have been in that vehicle. It was dark. Nobody would have seen the vehicle. She would have been trapped in there quite some time.”

Waugh’s 2000 two-door Mustang was destroyed in the crash, police said.