‘Wizard’ rallies for a TIF


“Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain,” bellowed the voice of the great Wizard of Oz.

Replace Oz with Dixfield and replace the wizard with the town manager. The curtain separates “wizard” from town.

“The wizard rallies for a TIF.”

What happened behind the curtain that brought this about?

There is no project approved by the townspeople that would create the money for a TIF. As our fellow citizens (and selectmen) Steve Donahue and Norine Clarke continue to work painstakingly to protect the health and welfare of the community with the preparation of a responsible wind ordinance, the “wizard” sides with the wind developer. The “wizard” stated the other night that he had to do some “arm twisting” to get Patriots Renewables to expend up to $10,000 of its money to bring a TIF expert to town.

Who knows if this is true; it happened behind the curtain.

One thing that is true, nearly every town in Maine that has hosted wind developments has entered into TIF arrangements with the developer, including paybacks to help the developer.

During the recent TIF presentation, several astute citizens challenged the TIF plan, revealing that not one single taxpayer would see his tax bill reduced by a TIF. With no TIF, the state gets the money; with the TIF, the money goes behind the curtain.

The curtain is surely made of wool being pulled over our eyes.

Freemont Tibbetts, Dixfield