Woman accused of embezzling money


RANGELEY – Police have charged a Rangeley woman with theft for allegedly embezzling $5,400 by padding her time card when she worked for a Rangeley construction company, Chief Phil Weymouth said Wednesday.

Aimee R. Jernick, 32, was charged Saturday with the felony offense, he said.

The woman was hired by Sargent & Sons Builders in September 2004 as an office manager/payroll clerk, he said.

The Franklin County District Attorney’s Office forwarded a referral to Weymouth on April 4, after the company’s attorney submitted information to state prosecutors on March 17.

Weymouth conducted his own investigation before charging the woman.

“She was juicing her time card,” he said.

She would work an average of 37 hours a week but submit a time card for 45 to 50 hours a week plus mileage, even if she didn’t work, he said.

When the time cards came back to the Rangeley office, she would change it and write it over with the correct hours.

The company owner had set up precautions to protect his business against embezzlement, including restricting authority of the clerk, Weymouth said. Jernick couldn’t write or sign checks, he noted.

The woman collected the time cards and faxed the payroll to a payroll company for processing, Weymouth said.

Jernick’s employer would send the woman to the bank to cash checks, Weymouth said. He eventually realized the money didn’t match up and that some money was missing.

Jernick is accused of padding the time cards from May 2005 through nearly the end of December 2005, Weymouth said. She was terminated just before Christmas.

Jernick is scheduled to appear May 26 in Franklin County Superior Court in Farmington.