Woman hospitalized after Farmington crash


FARMINGTON — A wheelchairbound woman was taken to a hospital after the van she was riding in struck a car Tuesday afternoon on the Wilton Road.

Amanda Fhyng, 23, was in a wheelchair in a van driven by Joni Labbe, 32, of Wilton when the accident happened, Farmington police officer Ted Neil said. Fhyng was checked at Franklin Memorial Hospital and released, a nursing supervisor said Tuesday night.

Officer Neil said the accident occurred as Clarence Staples, 66, of Farmington Falls village was stopped to make a left turn into Portland Glass just before 4 p.m. Labbe realized too late that he had stopped and clipped the back and side of his car and ended up in front of it, he said.

Neither Staples nor Labbe were injured, he said. Julie Dyer, 45, of Farmington, another passenger with Labbe, was checked at the scene but not taken to a hospital.

Damage to Staples’ 2004 Chevrolet Malibu and Labbe’s 2005 Dodge Caravan each sustained an estimated $10,000 damage and were towed by Collins Wrecker.

Members of Farmington Fire and Rescue helped at the scene.

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