Words against actions


Recently, I submitted a simple request to Sen. Susan Collins: “Attend a town hall meeting with all members of Maine’s congressional delegation” to discuss Iraq.

I thought Sen. Collins might be interested. In the Sun Journal on July 8, she wrote, “It is time for leaders of both parties to work together.” What better way to do so than talking with constituents in a bipartisan forum?

I have learned Collins rejected the invitation. I learned this, not because her office responded quickly, but because I read it in the Sun Journal. Responding promptly to constituents seems less important than responding to the press.

Sadly, this is just the latest example of Collins saying one thing and doing another. In a letter to the editor printed July 13, her press secretary backed off earlier claims that Iraq wasn’t the most important issue to Mainers, saying “of course” it is. Apparently, it’s just not important enough to discuss publicly.

This only mirrors the difference between Collins’ rhetoric, saying she supports a change in the president’s war strategy and her four-plus years of voting in lockstep with the president. To this day, Collins has failed to pledge support for anything other than her own toothless proposal that, even if passed, would not require the president to make one change in policy, or bring any troops home from Iraq.

Collins says she’s interested in changing course and working to find a bipartisan solution to Iraq, but her actions say otherwise.

Justin Costa, Brunswick