Work of the devil


The Catholic and Muslim religions have at least one thing in common: There are people who are doing grievous harm to their religions and its followers.

In the Catholic religion there are priests who caused sexual abuse, doing grievous harm to their victims and staining the reputation of every decent priest and religious cleric who faithfully strives to administer to the faithful.

In the Muslim religion, there are evil people who kill and terrorize in the name of their god, thereby making people of the world think that is what the Muslim religion stands for.

Both those injustices are the work of the devil, who has been trying to destroy all religious beliefs for thousands of years. But he will not succeed as long as the decent, merciful and loving people of both faiths continue to honor their God and truly keep the faith that will sustain them against all evil, and that goodness and mercy shall endure.

Rene Desrochers, Auburn