Work hard, play hard


Regarding Robert Boothby’s letter to the editor Jan 14, I disagree with his statement “There is no benefit to anyone in the community.”

I personally have benefited.

As a teen growing up in the Livermore area, I often attended parties because I thought there wasn’t anything better to do. After a night of drinking, some people would take their trucks out through the trail to see who could get through. Some teens still do it.

It’s better to have a place for teens to bring their trucks during the day, rather than have them stuck out on private property, drunk, at 2 a.m.

The Lovewells have a no drinking policy. They even have a sign, clearly posted.

As for the noise, I say, what are six days a year listening to some people have fun? Would people rather have housing developments everywhere and higher property taxes?

I want to be able to drive through Livermore and see the farms and agriculture and know that our people work hard for their money.

I also want to see the Barnyard All Terrain Park, so I know our hardworking citizens of Livermore can play just as hard as they work, and not have to compromise their farm land to real estate.

If having a place for teens to go to on the weekends isn’t a benefit, I don’t know what is. Surely not a housing development. What good would that be to me, or any other youth of Livermore?

Nichole Gardner, Livermore

Editor’s Note: Robert Boothby’s letter regarded town approval of the all-terrain park in Livermore.