Work for your money


I thought that I had misread the article on the young man of 19 who was going to ride his unicycle around New England. I thought at first his motive would be to raise money for cancer, multiple sclerosis, global warming or potholes in Rumford. But, no, it was for “donations” to his own college tuition.

If he comes to Poland, he can rake my lawn and sweep my driveway, then I’ll hand him his wages, not a donation. I’ll even rent him a room and give him several job leads where he can earn $2,000, even after room and board. I’ll even spare him the, “When I was young …” stories about working nine-hour days, six days a week in chicken manure at Maine Egg, or tying rebar and pouring concrete in 90-degree temperatures for George Farris in Brownville Junction, Warren and Skowhegan to help pay my college tuition.

I was listening to an interview by Charlie Rose of William F. Buckley Jr. recently, and Buckley was asked what made him tick. He answer was profound in its simplicity. He said that he derived great satisfaction from working, but that at 80, he was tired.

Surely this young man can’t be tired of working already.

Mark Wood, Poland