Work of multiple artists on display at Lewiston hospital


LEWISTON — The works of two painters and a painter-illustrator will be on display at the Central Maine Medical Center Woman’s Hospital Association Rotating Art Gallery through Thursday, Oct. 30.

Paintings by Susan and Paul Boucher and paintings and drawings by Dan Cake are on display in the main lobby of the hospital near the 60 High Street entrance.

The collection of Cake’s work includes both old and new artwork produced in a variety of techniques, mediums and styles.

“I worked as a graphic artist most of my life to keep bread on the table, but was always involved with the visual arts to feed my soul. I have had many one-man shows in the state and won a few awards here and there. Today I continue to find new ways to express my creative energy,” said Cake.

Paul Boucher works primarily in oils, although he has painted in watercolor. He paints a variety of subjects, and has studied, sketched and painted birds since he was a boy.

His work can be seen in art exhibits across New England, and collectors own his paintings here and abroad. He has won prizes in many art competitions.

Susan Boucher paints predominantly in watercolors and her subjects are frequently flowers and wildlife.

Boucher said she “has an endless fascination with her subjects: the amazing shapes of flowers, children, and woodland scenes.” They are, she said, images that “call to be painted.” Most of her paintings are done in the studio, but her sketching and photographs are done on site.