Would-be robber loses shoes, pants


DUBLIN, N.H. (AP) – A would-be thief found himself foiled, under gunfire – and without pants.

Police said a homeowner discovered an intruder one night last week. The homeowner pulled a gun, fired what police described as warning shots, and told the intruder to shed his pants and shoes. The two scuffled and burglar ran from the home, barefoot and pantless.

“I believe his thinking was that by taking away the suspect’s pants, it would slow him down or prevent him from trying to get away, or make it easier for us to find him if he did get away,” New Hampshire State Police Sgt. Christopher Aucoin said.

The homeowner called police, who swarmed the area with search dogs. Police are still looking for the man. It’s not clear if anything was stolen.

The homeowner wasn’t hurt.