WWII poll hurts Russian channel


Editor’s note: This column was edited on March 31 to correct the answer.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Time Warner Cable has quietly dropped the Russia Today Channel from its lineup in the Rumford area. Has it been dropped in other areas of Maine as well? What can we do to get it back? The RT Channel offered a different perspective on news from around the world. — Steve Swan, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots contacted Joli Plucknette-Farmen, public relations manager at Time Warner. She did not explain the decision, but offered this:

“As of Dec. 31, Russia Today is no longer offered on Time Warner Cable. We do offer other international news channels such as BBC World News, Al Jazeera America, CNN International and CCTV-9.”

It doesn’t sound like the Russia Today channel has much chance of returning soon, but hopefully you will find something to round out your viewing.

You can see some of Russia Today’s programming at www.youtube.com/user/RussiaToday.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’ve seen a lot of license places around that say COMBINATION. My sister lives near Las Vegas and she saw one the other day. She asked me and I have no idea. So I am asking you. What does combination mean? — Curious Judy, Lewiston

ANSWER: Sun Spots could not find anything regarding a vanity plate with those letters, but at Maine.gov she did find the following regarding a type of license plate known as a combination plate.

“An automobile or sport utility vehicle used for the conveyance of passengers or property is a ‘combination’ vehicle and may be issued a special plate with the word ‘combination’ instead of ‘Vacationland.’

“A passenger vehicle used under contract with the state, a municipality or a school district to transport students must be designated as ‘combination.’ A vehicle owned or operated by parents or legal guardians is exempt from this subsection.”

Sun Spots found this mention of combination at other state websites as well, so that may explain why your sister saw it in Nevada.

Or maybe there’s another explanation, and Sun Spots needs to be informed by readers.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am a landlord looking for a tax accountant who charges by the hour rather than per property. I own seven single-family houses, one duplex and two mobile homes on private land. I have filed my 1040 with Schedule E for the past few years. My taxes are prepared for this year, but looking ahead to next. Thanks. — K.S., Bethel

ANSWER: It’s very wise of you to plan so far ahead. If you are so inclined, another option is Turbo Tax, which has a version for businesses. Sun Spots has used Home & Business for more than 10 years and will never go back to doing her taxes by hand.

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