Yard ‘junk’ penalty levied


JAY – Selectmen Monday voted to start charging a Jay man $50 per day every day until his property is cleared of junk.

Town officials have been asking him to remove the stuff since 2001.

In November, selectmen and Bob Morgan signed an agreement giving Morgan until May 1 to get rid of the tires, engines, old tools, metal pieces, and other detritus.

But Code Enforcement Officer Shiloh Ring said Monday that as of May 15, when she and Deputy Code Enforcement Officer Rhonda Palmer visited Morgan’s 6 Stone St. home, much of the junk was still on the property, although some has been consolidated into piles and many of the tires have been removed.

While selectmen discussed options open to them, including putting a lien on Morgan’s property and sending town officials to clean it up, or charging him a daily fee every day the junk remains, resident Hyla Friedman mentioned she worries about the health risks of living near the place.

“My main concern is regarding mosquitoes,” she said, explaining that she had heard state officials say mosquitoes are expected to be out in force this summer, and that there is a chance they could spread disease.

People have been told to get rid of outdoor items that could hold standing pools of rainwater perfect for mosquitoes to lay eggs in, like old tires.

Selectmen briefly discussed giving Morgan another two weeks to remove the junk from his yard, but decided against it after being informed he would need more time.

Besides, Town Manager Ruth Marden said, if the town fails to stand by its end agreements, the agreements lose their weight.

Selectmen voted unanimously to charge Morgan $50 per day until his yard is cleaned up, and told him if he still failed to remove the junk, the town might be forced to take legal action.