Youth basketball


Junior Division

February 1

Hoop Camp 38, Sam’s Sandwich Shoppe 35

It was a tale of two halves, as Hoop Camp came back from six points down in the first half to celebrate a come-from-behind victory. Jamaine Luizzo scored eight of his team-high 14 points to lead Hoop Camp. Dominic Jacobs scored nine, followed by R.J. Nichols with seven. Cam Irish, Luke Josephson, Matt Metivier and Samantha Piorier chipped in with two points each to cap the scoring for Hoop Camp. Sam’s was paced by Storm Jipson with a game-high 15 points, followed by Devonte Scott with eight points, and Quincy Coachman with four points. Braeden Lynch, Audrey Hamel, Aiden Charest and Gia Campbell netted two points each for Sam’s.

Bilodeau Insurance 42, Androscoggin Title 38

Trailing after three quarters, Bilodeau Insurance outscored Androscoggin Title 15 to 6 in the final frame in a come-from-behind win. Giles Paradie and Corey Wiers scored 16 and 15 points respectively, fueling the comeback run. Andrea Demers scored four points, and Anson Perry three points. Kate Bilodeau and Alyssa Gagne added two points each. Jacob Hodgman led Androscoggin Title with 16 points, followed by Tyler Jalbert with 10. Ben Hallett scored seven and Dan Milks five points to round out the scoring.

Clyde Bergemann 31, Gee & Bee Sporting Goods 27

Austin Brown scored a game high 14 points to lead Clyde Bergemann in the win. Chris Frey scored eight points and Elizabeth Marcotte seven points. Caroline Hammond and Nick Kaiser each connected on a free throw. Max Creaser scored ten of his team high 12 points in second quarter, but Gee and Bee fell just shy on their comeback bid. Chantelle Ouellette scored nine, and chipping in with two points each were Mike Chaput, Caleb Davis and Jacob Jackson.

Platz Associates 32, Leary & DeTroy 24

In an evenly matched second half, a 12-3 second quarter by Platz proved to be the difference in the game. In a balanced scoring attack, Platz saw seven of eight players crack the scoring column. Nick Gagne and Joel Stubbs led Platz with eight points each. Lydia Celani scored six, followed by Cam Langis and Chase Martin with three points apiece. Tristan Blossom and Fiona King scored two points each to cap the scoring for Platz. Ethan Chute paced Leary & DeTroy with eight points, followed by Anna LeBlanc’s seven and Hunter Young’s four points. Micah Jack and Cooper Watkins chipped in with three and two points respectively.

Pee Wee Division

February 1

Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli 42, Bedard Medical Supply 24

Heidi’s opened up the game with a 13-4 run and led throughout. Joshua Murphy exploded with a game-high 21 points, leading Heidi’s in the win. Connor Leclerc scored nine and Michael White eight, followed by Caed Langley’s four points to cap the scoring for Heidi’s. Braden Paradie scored 10 points to lead Bedard’s, followed by Noah Cyr with seven points. Meaza Paradie added four points and Leon Salmon for Bedard Medical Supply.

Agren 49, Modern Woodmen 38

Partick Anthoine dominated the boards and the scoring column, racking up 27 points in the win. Elijah Demers scored eight and Noah Muzima six. Landon Cougle and Owen Hamel scored four points for Agren. Matt Connor and Christian Frey paced Modern Woodmen with 12 and 10 points respectively. Kevin Frey scored nine points and Sarah English seven points.

Roopers 37, Center Street Dental 19

In a close first half, Roopers outscored Center Street Dental 19-7 in the second half to secure the win. Eli St. Laurent scored a game-high 12 points followed by Jack Thompson with 10 and Jayden Udarnauth with six. Jabreel Muhammad-Aceto scored five, Keenan Marcoux three and Lilly Watkins one point for Roopers. Jason Brooker paced Center Street Dental with six points, followed by Brady Vincent with four points. Chipping in with two points each were Sam Brooker, Olivia Coachmann, Austin Garey and Liam Hutchinson. Trevor Pineau went one for two from the line.

M & P Used Auto Parts 24, High Maint.Landscape 19

The front court of Conor Burtchell and Joey Shea paced M & P Auto with eight and six points respectively. Jayden Robison scored four points, while Kaleb Danner, Brandon Demers and Libby Forgues scored two points each. High Maintenance Landscape was led by Ryan Marston’s 10 points and Isaac Shannon’s six. Madisyn Turcotte scored two points and Parker Butler one point to round out the scoring.

Rookies Division

February 2

Brunswick Steel 33, Regency Mortgage 13

T. J. Kramarz scored all of his game high 12 points in the first half and propelled Brunswick Steel to victory. Jack Pepin scored six points, followed by Devon Pacheco and Ryker Paradis with four points each. Josh Smith scored three points, while Owen Nichols and Bryce Fontaine netted two points each. Ashley Connor and Drew Smith paced Regency with four points each, followed by Natalie Beaudoin with three points and Kennedy Lampert with two points.

DuBois Realy Group 27, Mike Morin’s Auto 23

In a balanced attack, DuBois Realty saw 7 of 8 players break the scoring column. DuBois was led by Lonnie Thomas with 10 points, Jeff Randall with six points and Ben DuBois with four points. Chipping with two points each were Creighty Dickson, Caleb Dodge and Skylar Blossom. Addison Bilodeau added a free throw in the pivotal fourth quarter. Connor Cyr dropped in a game-high 13 points for Mike Morin’s Auto. Sam Ferguson scored eight and Kaden Bedard two points.

BGA Financial 32, Austin Associates 26

In a fast paced start, GBA jumped out to a 16-12 lead and held on for the win. Ishan Reese scored 16 points for BGA Financial, followed by Jacob Grealish with six points. Tyler Turcotte and Andrew Clements scored four points each and Jaymeson Bouchard added two points. Austin Associates was led by Connor Turcotte’s 18 points. Ethan Guptil scored six and Olivia Vellieux two points to round out the scoring for Austin Associates.

Pat’s Pizza 16, Hahnel Brothers 10

In a literally balanced attack, Ava Blanchette, Tommy Gagnon, Ellie Legare and Mason Robertson scored four points each for Pat’s Pizza in the win. Isaac Gautier led Hahnel Brothers with four points. Skylar Gaudette, Abigail Beaucage and Dru Angelides all chipped in with two points each.