Youth council hopes to buoy Lewiston with ‘Do You Do Lew’ campaign


LEWISTON — Members of the city’s Youth Advisory Council will be hitting the streets Tuesday afternoon in a weeklong effort to boost the city’s image.

“We are tired of people saying negative things about Lewiston,” said council chairwoman Nairus Abdullahi. “They imply that we are uneducated and unworthy of newcomers and business opportunity, but Lewiston is a multifaceted city that really has a lot to offer. We have great diversity, programs and social events that bring people together.”

The week’s events include creating videos asking people what they love about Lewiston, gathering as many blue-clad people as possible together at 4 p.m. Thursday in Kennedy Park for a group photo and distributing decals, bumper stickers and blue T-shirts with the effort’s slogan, “Do You Do Lew?”

“We truly do have it all, located right here,” member Margaruette Seguin said. “So we, as advocates of the city, present to you a campaign promoting Lewiston’s image by encouraging Lewiston’s residents to be themselves and to enjoy life in Lewiston.”

They unveiled the campaign Monday afternoon in City Hall with a combination press conference and rally. Members of the group were surrounded by city officials and residents holding signs that describe why they love Lewiston.

Dot Perham-Whittier, Lewiston’s community relations coordinator, said the group came up with the campaign themselves. The group began working together and meeting this summer.

“We asked during their interviews what special project they want to focus on,” Whittier said. “Every single one said they wanted to focus on the image of Lewiston because they were tired of people putting down their city.”

Members of the group will be wandering the downtown Tuesday afternoon asking people why they love the city and recording the answers on video with their cellphones. The videos are scheduled to be released on the City of Lewiston’s YouTube page Friday.

On Wednesday, the group will visit businesses asking the owners to display one of its decals.

“One of our biggest focuses is all the local businesses we have and how many there are,” member Amanda Alberda said. “We hope the businesses in our town will display our logo and support us because we really do appreciate how they are bringing their revenues to Lewiston.”

On Thursday, the group is asking everyone to wear blue and gather in Kennedy Park at 4 p.m.

“We want to have everyone in Lewiston, or least as many as we can, wear blue and gather in Kennedy Park,” member Eric Hall said. “What we want is one gigantic photograph.”

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