When Jim Rand graduated from BU in the 60’s, he began a 15 year career in the banking industry. “It was becoming really stressful and unless you had white hair, you didn’t have a chance to advance.” So he and his wife Janice, a schoolteacher decided to return to their home town and start a business that would be less stressful and be their own boss.


They bought into the franchise of Valetone cleaners. The chain has since gone out of business, but after 42 years,  they are the sole owners of the family owned and operated company. They all take turns doing what is needed, but each have their own areas of expertise and favorites. Janice and Jim do most of the work with the public at the front counter while son Tom has the mechanical touch, keeping the washers, driers, presses and other machinery working.  The third generation, Bethany Rand works wherever the load is heaviest. 



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