On September 11, 2002, at Sabattus Elementary School, we had Public Safety Heroes Day. Several people representing the Navy, Airforce, Army, Coast Guard, Sabattus Fire Department, Sabattus Police Department and area hospitals came to talk to us about their jobs and how 9/11/01 had affected them.

The first speaker was Mrs. Kuhn from the Air Force. She talked to us about her experience with the Air Force and the different kinds of jobs offered. She was very nice.Then we met Mr. Stephen MacDonald from LifeFlight He told us about his Job and let us try on has flight helmet, which is very heavy. He was really funny.

Next, we met Mr. Ryan Gagnon from the Navy. He is ranked as an E5. He talked to us about living on a ship and how everyone must work together. He also was extremely nice.

Soon after, we headed outdoors where a firetruck, ambulance and a few police cars were parked. Officer Alien Huntington gave us some police trading cards and let us try on his bulletproof vest.Mr. Scott Latullippe, an EMT, let us look inside the ambulance and told us about what goes on inside when there is a patient aboard.

The firemen allowed us to go inside the fire truck. They told us the basic rules of fire safety.

Soon after we went back inside and met with Mr. Wells, who actually helped clear out the rubble on 9/11 at Ground Zero. He also shared with us that he has been to Iraq. He has been in the Coast Guard.

We then visited Sgt. Downing and his recruiter, Sgt. Rutledge from the Army.We later met Sgt. Chasse, Sgt. Devoe, and Sgt. Shannon from the Maine National Guard, They gave us lots of National Guard promotional goods.

In the afternoon, a remembrance ceremony was held in the gym honoring all those lost on September 11, 2001, along with all of our Public Safety Heroes. Over $700 was raised through the sale of American flag tags in the school and the community, sponsored by the SPTA. The money was donated to the Sabattus Fire Department, the Sabattus Police Department, and the American Legion Post 135 Disaster Relief Program.

September 11, 2002, was spent learning about our public safety servants and their jobs, and remembering those who gave their lives for others and for the cause of freedom.

Overall, Public Safety Heroes Day was really fun and educational. I feel that all of the students learned a lot.

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