After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the 7th and 8th graders of Holy Cross Junior High wanted to find a way to show their love, support and patriotism. An 8th grade teacher, Mr. Favereau, thought of the idea of making a huge United States Flag. He had the 7th and 8th graders bring in red, white, and blue material, from towels, sheets, and curtains. The excited students were willing to help and put all of their efforts into it. The students were also asked to bring in needles and thread. All of the students had to cut out specific amount of material and sew the edges so that they wouldn’t look as bad. After a long two weeks of sewing and arranging all of the pieces, the students had completed the flag. All of the 8th graders received a star and were able to glue them on. An 8th grader, Amanda LePage, 14, shares her experience, “It makes us feel included, as young adults. We are not able to give blood and most of us are not able to give large amounts of money, so it felt like we were actually able to have some part in this.”

We were there as the enormous flag was raised on the side of Holy Cross Junior High School building. Two children, Jessica Roy and Amanda Ferchette, raised up the flag through the top windows and secured the ropes. The United States flag waved with great pride. After, the whole school gathered outside and all together said the pledge of allegiance. Nathan Fournier was interviewed, “We have learned that the stripes stand for the 13 colonies and the stars are for all of the states, he said.” Another student, Danielle Cyr, was interviewed and shared her opinion about the flag and about the terrorist attacks. “We had a blast doing this project, and I am sure Mrs. Ross would be proud of all of us. We weren’t sure if the pieces would fit together but with the help of our secretary, Mrs. Dube, we got the whole project done and we are very proud.” Along with that, Danielle states that the terrorists attacks will help our country grow and become closer and realize that the world is not always what you think it will or won’t be.

The flag now hangs inside the Social Studies room at Holy Cross Junior High School on Sabattus Street in Lewiston. The flag was hung outside on the side of the building but the winter weather would have destroyed it.

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