A petition concerning discussion of a town manager form of government for Fryeburg was circulated recently and 170 registered voters signed it in just 10 days. That shows interest to discuss the need for a town manager in Fryeburg.

Our government, as it is operating at present, finds itself in crisis mode much of the time.

We have three selectmen who meet as a group every other week and many times are getting their information and reading material required for a decision the night they meet. They are expected to complete their duties as selectmen on a part-time basis.

That task could be made more workable and much more efficient if we change to a town manager form of government.

The selectmen would still retain most of the administrative and executive powers that they have now, but a town manager would have responsibilities and duties that would greatly ease the burden on selectmen, and a town manager would have the knowledge and training to operate the town on a day-to-day basis, like a business, as it should be.

The manager would provide leadership, evaluation, training and guidance as needed to our town employees who now have no clear understanding of who is in charge. The manager would have the knowledge to obtain grants and funds available to Fryeburg that go to other towns now. And a manager would have a much better handle on financial operations of the town and run the office more efficiently and with greater accountability. The manager would be the person to go to for information and help and would have answers.

The money spent to fund a town manager position would come back to the town in savings of legal fees as well as other areas.

Our beautiful little town has not grown much in population, but has grown a great deal in services and responsibility to its taxpayers. And that growing means our government needs to grow with the town.

We need strong, educated, qualified, objective leadership and a good town manager is the answer.

James Dutton, Fryeburg