I am thoroughly disgusted by both rallies in Lewiston and by the news media’s slanted coverage.

First off, there would never have been a pro-diversity rally without the World Church of the Creator coming to Lewiston. So, in a sense, the Somalis can thank the World Church of the Creator for the participants’ herd response Saturday.

Secondly, all this fuzzy warm feeling oozed by the pro-diversity crowds seemed to get rather intolerant of people who don’t agree with them, such as members of the WCOC.

The State Police had a sniper on top of a building and water hoses, with police in full riot gear to be ready to subdue the “hate” from pro-diversity people toward the WCOC. As someone there in that group stated, it was more like being in a foreign country then the state of Maine. We are supposed to have freedom of expression for both sides, not just freedom of expression for the politically correct. The so-called “haters” had to be protected from the “so called lovers.” Do these pro-diversity people think they are the only ones who have the right to freedom of speech?

Thirdly, and most importantly, no one, including all of Maine’s congressional delegation and new governor, has addressed the truth that the influx of so many new people in Lewiston is a grave financial burden on this community. It’s not about hate, racism or prejudice from the mayor. It’s about the economy stupid!

Mayor Raymond is brave and wise to address this problem.

So now that the lovefest is over, will the leaders of the Somali community do anything to work on the financial problems and be an asset to Lewiston, or will they just continue to cry racism and avoid the question?

How dare they ask for Mayor Raymond’s resignation!

Nova Scotia requires that foreigners to Canada present proof that newcomers will be an asset to their community. Perhaps Maine should follow suit.

Karen Babcock-Markham, Gardiner

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