Does it really matter what the members of the Justice Advocacy Center want and demand, or what city councilor Norm Rousseau, or former Mayor John Jenkins, or anyone else for that matter, think about Mayor Larry Raymond not being in Lewiston for the weekend diversity rally?

Don’t we all take vacations? I see no reason why he should have changed his plans. There is always someone to take over the reins. Isn’t that why we elect so many people? We must trust them if we elect them. The mayor feels the same — he trusts.

I’m in accord with Councilor Ron Jean. The city was in capable hands. Had Mr. Raymond not felt it was, he certainly would have altered his plans.

I believe it was wrong for a group of Somalis to end the rally with a call for Mayor Raymond to resign. People from all over were joining them (the Somalis) to show support, and what do they do? Try to incite trouble?

We don’t need this nonsense.

We legally and freely elected Mr. Larry Raymond as our mayor. Let us now support him.

When someone does not do exactly what you’d like them to do, does it mean what they are doing is wrong? Let’s just try to be understanding instead of judgmental.

Now, as far as the letter written to the Somalis, could we just, please, drop it? This letter has been tossed around so much that the ink on it must by now be all smudged up and impossible to read.

Rose McCloskey, Lewiston

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