As a taxpayer in the city of Lewiston, I would like to defend our mayor’s actions.

First of all, he never once asked the Somalis who are already in Lewiston to leave. He asked that they start migrating elsewhere.

As the mayor of our city, we should commend him for looking out for us taxpayers. I was very much against the racist World Church of the Creator coming to Lewiston to stir trouble, but I was appalled to see the Somalis on the city steps asking for Mayor Larry Raymond’s resignation. What part of “”enough”” don’t they understand?

First let them all be taxpayers before even thinking about making demands of that nature. To all those who support their action, I say “”If you can do a better job, then why don’t you run for office and see just how far you can stretch a tax dollar without raising the already too-high property tax.””

As far as we taxpayers are concerned, we already pay more than enough in taxes for what we get. Let’s not let this situation develop into a demand for more taxation.

I don’t blame Mayor Raymond for not being here on Jan. 11 and not changing his plans. I’m sure the remaining city officials were capable and made the right decisions during his absence.

To our mayor, Larry Raymond, I say “”Keep up the good work!””

We, as taxpayers, want him to continue the great job as our mayor.

Joan Vallani, Lewiston

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