I appreciate the freedom of speech in our country. I appreciate the fact that I can write a letter to express how I feel and have it published in the paper and not have to worry about being arrested for my personal feelings.

I agree with the recent letters supporting our mayor here in Lewiston. I back up the letter he wrote to the Somalis and do not feel that he was being unkind in any way.

Obviously he, being in office in our town, must see the growing numbers of people on welfare that are from this community. Those born and raised here. It’s wonderful to help those from other countries, but we should be taking care of our own first and foremost.

No offense meant here, but I am a taxpayer of Lewiston and I had no vote on inviting other people to come here from another country.

We have had to make many changes in our city for the Somalis. I feel we have bent over backward to make them feel at home here. My tax dollars are being used here. I know by speaking to others in the community they feel the same way.

The Somali people are welcome here. I work with the public and have tried to make them feel welcome. But I will say that I feel that the Somalis should not be asking for our mayor’s resignation. As it was recently said, that is something that should be taken care of at the polls by the citizens of Lewiston on Election Day.

We should give him a chance to work for us. That was why he wrote that letter to the Somalis in the first place. He was not telling them to leave, he was simply stating that we had reached the capacity of space for new migrants.

We need to take care of our own people as well!

I hope the mayor had a wonderful vacation!

Bonnie Gould, Lewiston

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