It has taken me a long time to write this letter to the editor in regard to our veterans and the way our government and citizens regard them. It took Carl Kimball’s letter to move me.

I could not believe one of former Gov. King’s last acts in office was to suggest closing most of the veterans’ offices.

It’s not enough that men who fought defending us so that we can remain free have to practically get on their knees and grovel to receive the benefits that they earned and fought for.

In particular, from personal experience, I am naming the Vietnam veterans.

Many were drafted, many volunteered on their own. They did not go over there for recreation, even though it was not called war, just a conflict. Even so they were there, being shot at, many killed, many coming home despondent, never the same. Many families lost their sons, brothers and husbands.

That not being enough, these veterans, upon reaching American soil, were called baby killers and spat upon. To obtain a job, it was better odds that they would get one if they didn’t mention being a Vietnam veteran. To this day many frown upon them. They are regarded as misfits.

When it comes time to apply for their benefits it takes quite a while to find the records. They are either lost or misplaced. Then there are many years of run-around to come.

Hopefully, when it is time for my grandchildren to be called to serve their country it will be different.

Roberta Proctor, Auburn

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