On Jan. 21, I attended a Livermore Falls selectmen’s meeting. I wanted to hear the answers to the many questions brought up by former Selectman Bernal Lake. However, there were no answers given.

The answers should have been given by Chairman Bill Demaray or the town manager, but Selectman Clayton Putnam did all the talking and took offense at all the questions.

For example: Why was the town holding back bills? What was the cost of the sidewalk and wall put in on High Street? What is the problem with the new heating system in the town office (workers are always cold and the manager keeps the outside door open)?

Mr. Putnam said, “”All the selectmen work out of town so they can’t check on those things.””

I think the town manager could have answered that question but it appeared no one was talking, but Mr. Putnam and all questions from the audience were accusations.

The next day in the Sun Journal was a story titled “Former official blasts board.” Now that looks quite exciting.

I was not there to blast the selectmen, nor do I think Bernal Lake was. When does asking questions of our town officials come down to this?

Makes you wonder, are they paranoid or do they hide things from the public?

Maxine L. Bailey, Livermore Falls

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